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Werner Telescoping Ladder – what it got to offer

Whether it’s working inside with high 14 foot ceiling or the roof gutter you will feel quite safe with Werner Telescoping Ladder. I am heavy and skeptical with heights but this one did make me felt secured and delivers more than what is expected.

If you head to Amazon and read some Werner telescoping ladder reviews from users, many would point out the fact that it is a clone of the Little Giant Type 1A ladder. As someone pointed out, I too like to buy and support the company that comes up with the original concept but it’s really hard to pass on this one at less than half the price for the same product.

I love the Versatility and design

Werner has taken many things into consideration while designing their telescoping multi-ladder for maximum versatility. This telescoping ladder is like four ladders in one exactly as they pointed out. You can use it as a stairway ladder, twin ladder, extension ladder or two scaffold bases. It is more than a mere traditional telescoping ladder, and undoubtedly one of the best telescoping ladder designs to impress without fail.

werner telescoping ladder

It can be used to do more jobs than any ladder whether for indoor or outdoor use. I don’t have to run around switching ladders, one 5’ to do the window, 8’ for the ceiling and an extension ladder for the roof. I can easily adjust heights as per the requirements using the spring loaded J-locks which is a push-knob locking hinges located on the sides of the ladder.

This locking system is great as it will securely and firmly lock the ladder in all the heights adjustments. Other Telescoping ladders without the lock system are not as safe as this ladder especially when they age. Moreover, J-locks are convenient to pull out and put back into place without any effort.

I really like the capacity of the Werner ladder to safely and readily use it on stairs. If you had ever tried using standard stepladder on stairs you would realized how difficult it is even just to balance, plus it would mean using risky support. It has an extra wide flared bottom for better support. It is compatible with the Multipurpose Project Tray that can conveniently hold tools, paints, and supplies. Multipurpose Project Tray is sold separately.

I would say the ladder is compact for a 17-foot 1A Duty Rating ladder. It won’t occupy much space to store or transport as it folds down nicely into manageable size.

Quality and made

This telescoping ladder is made of aluminium except for the hinges located on both sides of the ladder which are made in steel. The quality of the ladder is top-notch making it a bit heavy, also because it is basically two ladders in one. But these are the reasons why the ladder is so stable and sturdy. Werner telescoping ladder can support 300 pounds per side when set up as a stepladder.

Werner Telescoping Ladder Specs

The telescoping ladder is available in four sizes and model numbers. It is type 1A ladder with 300 lb load capacity per side. Here are the specs and comparison chart for the different models:

Model Number and Size Duty Rating Step Heights Extension Heights Scaffold Heights Approximate Cubic Feet
per Unit
Steps Rail Dimensions Load capacity Approximate
Shipping Weight
MT-1313 Feet 1A 3 – 5 Feet 7 – 11 Feet 1 – 2 Feet 5.9 1” Deep 14 ¾” Feet 300 lbs per side 31.6 lbs
MT-1717 Feet 1A 4 – 7 Feet 9 – 11 Feet 1 – 3 Feet 6.9 1” Deep 14 ¾” Feet 300 lbs per side 39.6 lbs
MT-2222 Feet 1A 5 – 9 Feet 11 – 19 Feet 1 – 4 Feet 10.8 1” Deep 14 ¾” Feet 300 lbs per side 47 lbs
MT-2626 Feet 1A 6 – 11 Feet 13 – 23 Feet 1 – 5 Feet 12.3 1” Deep 14 ¾” Feet 300 lbs per side 62.6 lbs

Who else should you consider?

There are other brands especially Little Giant, Cosco Extension Ladder and Xtend & Climb that has receives some good reviews for their extension ladders from homeowner, roofers, electricians, home inspectors and other professionals.

Little Giant is excellent but not good enough to worth twice the price of Werner. There is nothing that Werner cannot accomplish that Little Giant would. Xtend & Climb telescoping ladder is good but lacks the versatility of Werner. It is simple and limited as a wall ladder or extension ladder.

Cosco and Werner are quite identical in features and design but I prefer the hinge mechanism of Werner better with the push knob. Cosco hinge is enclosed and hard to see if it is locked.  In addition, Werner ladder is cheaper at discounted prices.

Why Werner Telescoping ladder is our #1 choice?

Werner telescoping ladder is very versatile and sturdy. It is very safe and stable. You don’t really need a second ladder with Werner ladder at home. It is very easy to use with no complication. After researching hundreds of Werner Telescoping Ladder reviews, the percentage of users who are not happy with the product is less than 5%. Werner MT’s offers the best price for the kind of quality and versatility.

Any Downside?

As you can see the ladder is fairly heavy and many people had opine the same concern in their Werner telescoping ladder reviews. This will be especially true if someone opts for the MT-26 model, otherwise 17” MT-17 is quite controllable. The most important feature of a ladder is to support our weight. Well, this is a very sturdy and stable ladder and if it gains little weight in the process there isn’t much room for complaining.

Where to get the best deal?

You get the best price from Amazon. This is based upon our regular price check from various online resources and retailers.

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